Have you ever read myths or watched movies of ancient gods and their feuds and wars, and wondered what if?

What if ancient history and mythology – which was originally passed down by word of mouth – only distantly resembles the truth? What if, someone in the distant past had their own agenda for the future, and made sure their point of view was the only side of the story ever told? What if our perceptions of good and evil were completely wrong?

That is the premise for The God’s Apprentice, and it’s first book – Night’s Blood.

Eye of Horus

Set in the modern world, Night’s Blood is my interpretation of some of the mythology told of the gods Set and Horus, and their eternal enmity.

The mythology of the gods of Night’s Blood postulates that those gods were actually human beings who took an evolutionary quantum leap in ancient times. This provided them with additional genetic codes creating the extra synaptic connections that tap into the part of the brain which most of us can’t access. This, in turn, provided them with the power we have come to associate with gods – the ability to teleport, to heal, to communicate telepathically, to transmute objects and to travel through time itself.

As with any human race, there were weaker and stronger gods which gave rise to their caste system; that was based on the number of powers at a god’s command. Relations between castes were strictly forbidden, as those at the top wanted to ensure they stayed there – they didn’t want their blood diluted by those they saw as inferior.

They weren’t above using the lesser members of their race as guards or servants though. Each god had their own tribe or clan, which went by their name with an ‘i’ at the end, to denote ‘men of’. Thus Horus’s clan were the Hori, and Set’s were the Seti.

Now, long after the gods’ relocation to the Underworld – having left mankind to their own path – the descendants of these tribes still roam the Earth. And occasionally, when the blood ties are direct and the need is strong enough, the powers of the gods can still manifest themselves…