Maggie Best


I was born in Adelaide, South Australia, at five minutes past midnight on the 22nd of February, under the sign of Pisces.

Ask any Piscean and they will tell you that, for most of our waking life, we dwell somewhere between the real world and the land of dreams. We walk around with that fantasy world orbiting our heads. It can be quite distracting at times, let me tell you! So if we suddenly lose focus and seem miles away while you are talking to us, it’s because that other world has captured our attention for the moment. Be patient… we’ll be back.

Somehow I have remained focussed enough to remain married for 35 years, and to produce 3 wonderful, intelligent children. There are also 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – Charley and Angel – plus 4 monster gold fish, and 3 chickens in my life.

For inspiration I do pencil sketches of interesting faces, travel, listen to all kinds of music, spend time with friends and family, watch lots of fantasy and sci fi, and read, read, read.

My head seems to have always been full of stories. Some I have written down, some I have told to friends and family, but most of them have stayed firmly in that dream world orbiting my head.

That is, until Alex and Bane came along.

If had just been Alex, I might have just listened and gone on with my mundane life – Alex is very polite. But Bane wasn’t about to let me ignore him. His story appeared, fully formed, and he insisted I write it down… word for word. My son, Andrew, kindly donated an old laptop and I dutifully typed while Bane dictated.

Suddenly he was no longer in my dream world, he was here in the real world staring up defiantly from the page and daring me to truly set him free by telling the rest of the saga. It has been an amazing, exciting and life-changing experience – especially as Bane’s story was smack bang in the middle of the rest of the tale!

Of course I wish I had done it years ago, but as Bane would no doubt – irritatingly and somewhat condescendingly – point out to me, we hadn’t met then, so it wouldn’t have been the same! I’d like to argue, but he will always have the last word.

So here I am – an author at last!

And here it is… the story of The God’s Apprentice, as told to me by Bane McLeod, with a lot of interruptions from Alex and Caitlin and various others.

I hope you enjoy it!