The God's Apprentice

The God’s Apprentice

Eons ago, the blood feud between the gods Horus and Set resulted in Set’s defeat and banishment to the Underworld. But Horus’s victory was gained through an unfair advantage: the Scarlet Eye Amulet.

Now, in the present day, a secret sect dedicated to Horus plans to reignite that feud in his name to help their new leader gain dominion over mankind.

In the Underworld, Set senses the Scarlet Eye’s resurrection. Determined to have an unfair advantage of his own this time, Set returns and scours the world for an apprentice.

When Alex Knight’s foster parents are kidnapped, Fate casts him in Set’s path.

Orphaned at three and abused for most of his young life, the reticent teen is an unlikely candidate for the alliance soon to be formed.

When they finally come face to face with the Scarlet Eye Amulet, the burning question is whether Night’s Blood will prevail, or whether it will be used to bring about the downfall of all mankind…


Night's Blood
Night’s Blood

The God’s Apprentice

Night’s Blood is the first book of three in The God’s Apprentice series, complete at 140,000 words. The second book, Quests, is a complete first draft at 185,000 words. Book three, The Key, is complete at 220,000 words.